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Life of a Sound Designer

Hello! I am Rory McCutcheon a sound designer, for game audio, post-production and  advertising. I am currently based in the North of England.

My passion for audio grew from my love of music and my keen interest in guitar. I knew early on in school that I wanted to work in audio. This took my education into music production and audio engineering and then finally into game audio at masters level. My education sparked a love for synthesis and sampling techniques and I try to use these techniques as often as possible in my work.

I have worked in AAA studios and with independents in Audio QA and Sound Design. Working with companies such as Codemasters, Ubisoft Reflections, the Creative Assembly & BT Sport. As a freelancer I have worked with teams on independent titles such as Welcome Home, Rally Run and Awesome Cuteulu. As well as Motiv Productions on televised ident adverts. I have also worked with educational clients such as Virtual College and None in Three.

My approach to audio is technical but also creative, I like to approach things differently each project, to produce unique bespoke results. I am always keeping up with new innovations and ideas in the audio community and enjoy giving back when I can in the form of explainer videos on my work via social media and YouTube.

I am comfortable working with middle-ware, scripting, Max/MSP and being hands on with game engines in multiple programming languages with Visual Studio, such as C# for Unity.

As a previous audio QA, I am quality focused and driven to provide the best audio possible as well as being able to provide detailed feedback on sound and implementation .

I am passionate about film and animation and enjoy opportunities to work in linear media post-production, trailers and advertising.

In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, electronic music production, photo manipulation using apps and software, cycling and martial arts.

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